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December 31, 2006 by Xythe
This has got to be one of the wierdest things I've seen in a while, andcheck out that creepy mask!
December 28, 2006 by Xythe
The One Ring, as stated by ALL the wise throughout the Lord of the Rings as well as the Hobbit, is intrinsically evil.

It's pretty clear that that Sauron put a great deal of himself into The One itself, and thus it's evil nature. But what does this ring actually do to make it evil? What is the nature of it's "evilness"? What is its true nature?
December 23, 2006 by Xythe
Many people over the past several decades have read Tolkien, and in particular the Lord of the Rings trilogy. In the past couple of years, perhaps even more folks have seen the movies.

Being a fan of Tolkien, I've given great thought of some of the specifics of Tolkien's writing. I thought I might run some of my questions and feelings here on The Mouth of Xythe, just to see if anybody else thinks about these things, or if they simply watched the movie or read the books without any in depth th...
December 23, 2006 by Xythe
Okay guys. I've finally come up with the most excellent remote control. Point and click, kick back, and receive. No griping, no flack.

By the way, if you are familiar with the Neil Young tune: Sample and Hold, you should know that this RC was specifically designed to work with this outfits "units".

You don't want to miss out on this!
December 1, 2006 by Xythe
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November 28, 2006 by Xythe
I know there are more harmful things to obsess on, but is it cool tolet your child become so obsessed in a set of game cards that hecompletely goes off his rocker?

I think kids today would be better off playing more outside and gettingoff "activities" such as : video games, ugly rap music, gamecards...etc. What ever happened to neighborhoodbaseball/football/basketball games, tobaggoning and sledding, snowballfights, swimming, skating/rollerblading?

Even the old commercials, "This is Your K...
November 21, 2006 by Xythe
When the evolutionists say that human beings evolved from monkeys, they may not be to far off the mark according to the author of the following video clip.

I think this guy has made some very interesting observations in this satire:

Banana anyone?
November 8, 2006 by Xythe
Okay folks, its been a while since I've posted one of these of the logic type. So lets see whos clever enough!

There are three sealed envelopes. One contains two $5 bills, one contains a $10 and a $5 bill, and the third contains two $10 bills. Unfortunately, all three envelopes have the wrong amount marked on the outside. How could you correct all three by opening one envelope and looking only at one bill?
November 2, 2006 by Xythe
Just for fun, how many ways is the word "shot" used in our modern day language? I came up with about 19. How many can you come up with?

1) A shot of liquer (portion)
October 29, 2006 by Xythe
Ok floks. I admit I may have gone overboard with the "riddle" posts. But I figure I can run a couple a week for ha ha's

Answer the following with paerts of the body (no slang permitted).

EXAMPLE: Heard in congress while voting.
ANSWER: Eyes & nose

1) A strong box.
2) Two baby cows.
3) A shellfish.
4) Two measures.
5) Two places of worship.
6) Scholars.
7) Part of a shoe.
8) What every builder must have.
9) Something made by whips.
10) What the soldier carries.

Any or all ...
October 3, 2006 by Xythe
Linda Masse, a Laconia NH resident was charged with attempted assault, resisting arrest and criminal mischief after attacking her husband with an axe. The couple had been drinking when Mr. Masse declared he wanted to leave his wife, during an argument over their marriage.

The violence erupted when Masse grabbed a collector’s axe off the wall, and started to chase Mr. Masse around the house screaming that she was going to kill him.

The courts have defines the axe Masse was wielding as a wea...