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September 3, 2007 by Xythe
i agree w/ockhamrazor not voting is a vote - someone is going to get in but if i don't like any canidate i won't vote.
December 23, 2006 by Xythe
I don't know. Is this really the voice of wisdom? Is this arepresentation of American education?

HHmmmm...just blink your eyes for 90 seconds, and you too can be thepresident of the United States. What a command of the English language.
December 13, 2006 by Xythe
I came across this on YouTube; posted by AqfaPhoto; a segment of theDaily Show.

I never know what to think about things of this nature. It just dosn'tseem out of the ordinary for a government leader to drill policy home.But then again, I believe it was hitler that said, "Tell the peopleenough lies over and over, and sooner or later they will believe it."

December 13, 2006 by Xythe
I'm certain that many of you have already read this report. However, I just ran across it the other day, and found it quite interesting. Being a novice when it comes to politics, I would like to hear what some of you die-hards have to say about the report in general.

You can review/download the entire report by clicking this link. Link

In light of the importance of Iraq to United States interests and the future of the region, there is urgent need for a bipartisan, forward-looking asses...
December 7, 2006 by Xythe
Now you all know I'm not much for politics and all, but I spent the time today watching a press conference with President Bush, and the British Prime Minister concerning issues in the Middle-East. This airing actually piqued my curiosity and I felt somehow involved.

I have to say I was a bit impressed. I've seen Bush stumble over his words and seem foolish several years ago, and found myself so embarrassed that I no longer watched him on TV.

I have to admit, both Leaders came off to me as ...
November 25, 2006 by Xythe
Ok all you folks that study or follow the war in Iraq, is this figure
false or true, and why?

I personally cannot comment, simply because I lack the knowledge to do
so. So I'm depending on your comments for understanding how this vast
amount of tax dollars is helping American citizens.
October 23, 2006 by Xythe
I remember as a grown boy how thrilling it was casting my first vote for the president of the United States of America. My understanding at the time was pretty limited, (though it seemed the more I know concerning politics in general, the more convoluted it seems to become, thus it feels that I understand less…. paradoxical), but I remember all the older adults talking about how good Regan was for the American Family. World finance wasn’t another of my strong points, but I have to admit, Christm...