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Published on January 15, 2007 By Xythe In Blogging
My life has been so very complicated and full of change lately, that I really have not had neither the time nor the desire to blog.

Depression hits everybody at some point or another. When I get depressed, I realize my poor-me conclusion that I'll never die, and am forced to endure the drugery of everyday life forever. Bleak, I know, but eventually it passes.

Surfing YouTube a bit, I came across this video posted by many, and was unable to determine the creator. It's funny as hell. Was I able to bet! It also returned to me some of my typical spirit. Thanks whomever created this video, you made my day

on Jan 15, 2007

Thank you for sharing!  Yes, kudos to the creator!  They were very original - and funny!

on Jan 15, 2007
My chest hurts from laughing so hard. I soooo needed this today! Thanks for sharing it!